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Monday, August 4, 2014

7.18.14 Philly Living

Here are some snapshots of my time in Philly with the wonderful Kesh a few weekends ago. It was an all around good time and much needed get away. We indulged in the amazing foods,went dancing at a cool Jamaican spot and walked..alot :)  Thank you Kesh for your love and hospitality!

* Her apartment is the coolest

*Hip City Veg!  THE BEST EVER. The menu is 100% vegan and oh soo tasty

 * We both got the Crispy HipCity Ranch.. mouth watering good.

 * We visited my Aunt and lil cousin in SW Philly. It was great to see the family and catch up. Kesh and Malik Jr focused on a mean game of Checkers. He pretty much made up his own rules for him to win. 

 *He also dragged us out back to watch him ride his bike... then i went for a joy ride 

 *Kesh cooked for me... highlight of my trip :)

 *serving to da gawds..

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