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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From December to February...

Brief overview: Christamas in Texas, Saudi graduated with her Master's thanks to Dr. Sachdev, Saudi also celebrated her Master's with Dr. Sachdev and friends, Jah and Saudi took on Nosara, Costa Rica with the 9:30 crew, Saudi did her usual DC-CAP thang and met Savion Glover. Oh and we are going to JA next week.

Saudi Moves to Rwanda in 3 months!!!!!

In need of updates...

So much has happened in the span of three months. More and more Jah and Saudi move away from the blog in into the routine of their daily lives. Jah has flourished with her love at her beloved live music venue, and as a recent graduate Saudi has became more engulfed in the public health game. We miss the support and creativity that we shared with the world! It has been TOO long. Busy is not an excuse for neglect....sorry blog.