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Friday, August 23, 2013

God Speaks

I am spiritual least I like to think so. I believe in God. I am not the most religious but I have a strong belief in a higher power. I respect non-believers and believers. I respect religions and see the beauty in all. But I have one philosophy that has made true. I believe that the closer I am to the people I love and things I love, the closer I am to God. People ask me do I go to church. I respond yes I try and make it most Sundays. Now a normal person would think its a place where you go and here the word of God or whomever you choose to praise. But my church is the dance studio. I feel closest to God when I dance. When I  dance it's more than movement, it is poetry in motion. When I dance I am vulnerable I dance out my joy and pain and any sentiment in between. I dance to celebrate, release, and relate. I dance to feel closer to those I have lost. I dance for sanity. I dance to speak with God.

God speaks back. God speaks to me through jolts of happiness I get from my friends (because I have the most amazing friends in the entire universe check me on that if you want). God speaks to me through moments that I know there is nothing at work but God. Moments that are not just by accident but to my belief by design. For example last Friday a friend and I were on our way to a gathering and we were walking through a residential neighborhood taht I am somewhat familiar with. A little girl rides by me on her scooter and then stops and speaks. She was soooo adorable she said simply "hello" and proceeded to speak to my friend. She then asks " Do you know my Auntie?" Now mind you this is a random little girl I have never seen a day in my life or at least that I can recall and there was no adult in sight. I said " no sweetie I don't know your auntie" and just gave her a smile. I then walked further down the block and there stood here Auntie ...and I'll be damned it was Ms. Ajua. A woman that I am familiar with and know. I don't know exactly why she asked me that and it doesn't really matter. But I believed that was purely God...some may think chance and irony BUT  I think otherwise.

Another instance several weeks ago involving another young girl and my ride home on the metro. I missed my initial stop so I had to get off at the next station (which was ok because I could catch the bus no biggie). I missed my stop because I forgot my bag and had to rush back on the train thus it letting me off at a later stop. The stop I ended up at there was a young girl maybe 13 standing there in tears. People stopped to ask her what is wrong but she said she was fine and that they could not help her. I had my headphones on I contemplated brushing her off and going on with my daily route because obviously she doesn't want my help. BUT I countered that action and proceeded to ask her what is wrong? She replied " you can't help me" I said well let's see and how about you start by telling me what the problem is. I could see in her face that she was little curious and intrigued by my challenge. So, she began to explain that her and her younger sister got separated while transferring on the train, her phone is dead, her sister's phone is dead, and she refused to call her mom because she thought that it would be the ass whooping of a lifetime if she were to hear that she lost her little sis.
So, I said girl come on don't stress yourself out we can just tell the station manager and they can do a station all call...easy.  Her face lit up she began to put a little more trust in me. I walked her to the station manager desk and helped her little flustered self explain. The station manager was rude as ever and I wanted to smack the dog shit out of him...I forgot that bamma's name I really should have complained but anyway. When we explained he shrugged his shoulders and chuckled and brushed her off. I said you have to do a station all call another station manager and metro cop agreed an did just that. I told the young girl that I would wait with her until she found her sister (why not I didn't have shit else to do) and I said she probably will be on the net two trains especially if they take the same route everyday. The next train was in 5 minutes and the train after that was in 20minutes...all I could think was I hope this girl is on this next train. Train arrives out comes her little sister. (Sighs of relief) She was soooo relieved and just kept saying "thank you ma'am" thank you ma'am". During this time God Spoke. Was it by accident that I missed my stop and got off at the next to see this distressed little girl? Nope. This was strictly by design. I was there because I was supposed to be. Why did I take my headphones off? Clearly she was telling people off....why did I try? What made me so special that she accepted my offer to help? God spoke.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer as we are having it....


Miami, Jersey City, NYC, DC, Linganore and Cana Vineyards, Vik's Rooftop, birthdays, engagements, 7/7, Jamaica!!!! Summer is not over just yet stay tuned....


Dear Blog/followers,

We apologize for our negligence to the fullest extent. Although we are absent from the blogging world we have been more present in living than in recent years, feeling joy, pain, and everything else in between. We have travelled, worked our asses off this summer and partied. We deserve it. We cannot promise to keep the posts coming but we will most definitely make an effort not to neglect as long as we have again. We are amongst the existing and we have true testimonies of living so we are not doing bad at all. Just two girls with boat loads of aspirations trying to follow both of our dreams. Our dreams are closer than we could have possibly imagined. We will keep you updated one way another So, we will leave you with a glimpse of's not over quite yet.

Love always,

JahLove & Saudi