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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

God's Timing

Today as I walked past an older woman on the metro she started to speak to me. She just started talking to me as if she knew me. Of course me being the random young lady I am I did not mind at all. She explained how a gentleman who just walked past who she never had seen before, and did not know spoke to here by simply saying "hello" and "hope your day goes well". Now to me that seemed so simple, but to her it was much more. Gene was her name she felt the need to introduce herself and I will explain why.....See Gene lost her brother-in-law a month ago and the man who spoke to her looked just like him and greeted her just as he use to. Gene caught a serious case of nostalgia and for a moment was lost in all the beautiful memories she had of her loved one. She said I don't know you but I just have to share this with someone. I then felt compelled to introduce myself so her moment of grief and joy could be a bit more personable with this random stranger named Sadia. I asked was she ok and she made a slight sigh and softly said "yes"....seconds later Gene began to cry. In that moment I knew we crossed paths for a reason even if it was only for that moment, it was meant for me to be there to comfort Gene. I gave Gene a huge hug and told her that everything will be alright, and asked if she was ok again before I proceeded to make my doctor's appointment. God has a way of conspiring things to work out in the most unforeseen ways, and you just have to roll with it. I was happy that I could be there for Gene today, and although I may never see her again, I know I will never forget her and the impromptu embrace I gave her.


Summer Cravings

With Dark Summer nights fast approaching here are some looks we dig and crave! :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Because its his burfday (two chainz voice)

Pharrell = Over the Hill

It’s hard to believe that Pharrell Williams has reached the “Big 4-0.” That is, until, you begin to look at his list of accomplishments. One of the greatest musical forces of the last 15 years has been in the industry for over 20 years, and he’s been producing hits, both alone and with Chad Hugo as The Neptunes, since the late 90s.
Along the way, he’s touched the careers of seemingly everyone who’s been anyone since Y2K, including Jay-ZGwen StefaniBritney SpearsBeyonceThe HivesSnoop DoggKelisOl’ Dirty BastardThe ClipseMystikalUsherJustin Timberlakeand pretty much everybody you ever jammed to on the radio since Dubya’s first presidential term.
In honor of the Grammy-winning superproducer, artist, songwriter and all-around cool dude’s birthday, we decided to list some of the dopest Pharrell-related productions from over the course of his career. (
HAPPY 40th to our favorite guy! We will never forget the day we rocked out with you! 

Too many hits written and produced to list! A man truly dedicated to his craft!