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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

what i am happy about:

1.      waking up, refreshed
2.      I got my DC tags today, in my name!
3.      being able to laugh with my family, together.
4.      peace of mind
5.      this gorgeous, yet strange warm weather in late December
6.      my co-workers made me laugh out loud this morning
7.      GOOD music
8.      the capability of being able to smile
9.      my 9:30 family
10.  friendships
11.  my health 
12.  this much needed trip to Jamaica in less than 24 hours
13.  life


Thursday, December 13, 2012

The XX - Intro

*intros are amazing
*i think intros make an album
*there should be an album dedicated to intros
*i think that should be a project of mines


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Earthstrong Shema Swaggg!

Happy 21st Birthday to our fabulous rasta chic, Keshema! This gal is definitely way ahead of her time, having accomplished so much this far, she still continues to reach above and beyond. We are so proud of you and where you're headed in life. Stay smart, fashionable, bold and beautiful. 

We celebrated with a pre-gathering at Le Rst pad and from there, Tabaq to Tropical for some dirty dancing ; )

love jls

Tuesday, December 4, 2012



the crew

$100 Uber credit, happy moment

Erica and guest showed love

lovely ladies

Jelani showed N.A.S & Jls love !

NYC love !

Kesh, Benta, & Jerusela

Bff's Sara. Neha. Jaime
Whitney and friend came out!
jls back in action

Monday, December 3, 2012


It is 8:05pm exactly on what use to be a beautiful Monday night. I just completed my last exam for my Introduction to Capstone research methods class. This class has been my least favorite class since entering grad school and by far one of the toughest. All I can do now is hope for a miracle and that she ( professor x) has mercy on my final paper. I can't end up back in research methods next semester...sighs. I am kind of taking comfort in the side convo's I hear in the library about how horrid the test was and how the entire duration of the class was always confusing and information overload...I am not the only one with sour sentiments. Hoping for the best not at all prepared for the worst. By the way our study guide that we created was 19 pages....*throws up hands with disgust*


NAS Bornday 12/1/12

Wishing Dr. Nisha Sachdev a Happy Belated Bornday! Dr. Sachdev has been a blessing to our lives now for close to ten years. She has been such a positive force within our lives that we can not thank her enough for what she does. She goes to great lengths to help not only us but so many other people. 12/1/12 was a day that will go down in the history books. Dr. Sachdev held a get together at her all friendly all pad and boy was it epic! The night started out at Dr. Sachdevs with many guest appearances! The party then moved to U street at about 1:30 am and eventually ended at Vik's kick it condo. All in all 12/1/12 was a huge success and a big hit amongst the masses....New Year's Eve here we come!!! *pics soon to follow*

Life Lessons

Over the past two weeks I have realized a couple of things some being because of situations I have gotten myself into and some because of situations I had to get out of. So, I hope you have a second or two because I feel like this is going to turn into like a stream of consciousness rant. First thing I want to address is the lack of realism in society. Often times we get so caught up with happenings in our lives now at the moment and just live in the moment instead of thinking about the future. We place so much weight on materialistic things like money, cars, and clothes. One thing I think people forget is that these material things make us feel good for only a moment and before you know it they are gone or old and we want the next big thing. A huge concept that people love to tend to forget is that our time here on this earth is very limited and short and all these material things that we have we can not take with us when we depart. So instead of worrying about your $50,000 car or latest Apple product and investing so much into these superficial things invest in people. Be real with yourself! Invest in relationships with the people whom you care about most. Your Ipad can not carry on your legacy or remind people of how great you were but your friends and family can. Foster relationships that already exist in your life and create new ones. These are the experiences that count the most. Tell someone that you love them and truly how you feel because you don't have forever. Treat people the way you would like to be treated! Don't treat people well based on what they can do for you but because you genuinely care! There is an Arab proverb that I love that says " you can really judge a man's character by the way he treats someone who can do absolutely nothing for him" I believe this to be true. Treat people well and make the most of your time here for it is limited.

Now moving on to my next order of business aka another thought lingering in my brain  which is ...BEAUTY. I had a student recently call another student ugly aloud and  she made sure that her sentiments were heard loud and clear. More recently, a friend and I were talking and we started talking about looks our looks what we wanted more and less of in terms of bodily assets and what we wanted to change. We did not spend much time on what we did like about ourselves if any at all. So, the question popped into my head... Why? All this ridicule and criticising for what? Where did the standard of beauty come from and why is it soooo narrow? Who made up these rules I say? Of course most people get their ideologies of beauty from societal norms and we plague everyday life with our thoughts of beauty. It really is disheartening when you actually dissect the concept of what beauty is seen as to the masses. The hardest thing for me to digest is that some peoples idea of beauty is impossible to attain and they punish themselves for it. I know this may sound real Deepak/Oprah/Dr. Phil-ish but beauty is a state of mind. Someone should not have to tell you that you are beautiful you should know it! Beauty to me is not just about a appearance its about character. Everyone has different standards of beauty and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. People should start telling themselves that they are beautiful instead of praising what people may THINK is beautiful. God created us all in his image and that in itself is beautiful. So, then why do people try to fit within the societal norms of what beauty is when we were all made differently and born to stand out? With all of that said hold your head high and look the world straight in it's eye and tell yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!