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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cook-out of the SUMMER!


the sadia(s)

sachdevs and greenbaum showed up!

thanks Rajan for the creative flow!

tiffany love!

ms Lauren :)

those boys

Dailia and partner

Jayden grooving w/ saudi :)

Rajan at it..

lovely friut platter, made by Na NA

BOSS of the whole event, NaNa

Miss Rene


we had a dance floor!


lil saudi& MM

Jordono & Keshswaggg

Fun times around 31st this past weekend! The fam threw Benta and Tavares a graduation celebration. Despite the on and off rain, we had an amazing turn out. Thank you to all who showed up and showed love!!
**special thanks to lil Saudi for lifting and lugging prior to the party!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Forever Dela


We celebrated for you and with you (in spirit). You will always have a place in our hearts, please continue to watch over us and keep us safe . Love you always and forever.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Miami Spice

dance in lil haiti

spice girls night out


we met up w/ auntie Barbara, on south beach! such a sweetheart :)

riding w/ new yorkers..

We made our way to MIAMI for the sun child’s birthday celebration last weekend. It’s never a dull moment visiting MIA for a getaway. We partied, African danced in little Haiti, rode bikes on boardwalks, soaked up the sun and indulged ourselves with the infamous Wet Willies. A much needed break from the Ddot, jls adventures continues on.....