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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Playas Get Chose": European Excursion Edition

downtown Bologna

rainy day in Florence

Florence at night

Bologna Warriors

downtown Florence

street art

UN rooftop w/ Auntie Zenab


the Colosseum

leaving the city 

to have an amazing feast in Rome's country side

the woman that made the meal happen

beautiful couple: Zenab&Claudio


Vatican city




London Town

London Eye

we were pretty exhausted

cool street mural of all the world flags. You drop a pound down next to the country of your origin; Saudi rep Somalia, Jah dropped some for Jamaica ;)

Bologna night life

shady in downtown bologna

JLS are back from our 10 day summer kick off in some of the most beautiful places in Europe! (Rome, Florence and London to be exact). Despite having to deal with an 8 hour delayed flight, getting lost in Roma and earthquakes, JLS had a fabulous time. We met some cool people, made lasting memories and ate great Italian dishes. Shout out to J.Scott for his hospitality and being such a great host for us ladies. Europe...CHECK ! ;)


Friday, May 11, 2012


The RAW Artist showcase was definitely a sight to see. The fashion, music and art were all on point! Thanks to all who came out and supported our local DC artist! See you next month.

*shout out to our interns The Benta Maya and lil Sadia who RAWked it at the door ;)