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Friday, December 30, 2011

"Playas Get Chose": Christmas in Jamaica Edition

JLS is back, back from out wonderful Christmas vacation. As you can see it was spent in Negril, JAMAICA. We indulged in spice buns, veggie patties, rice and peas, black stew fish, Red Stripes, Cocoa Mania and much much more. We made our way through a local part of Negril, Savannah La Mar to be exact. It was quite an adventure. We also meet up with some friends from our last visit there, they were all very happy to show us another great time. JLS is thinking of making Christmas on an island a tradition, we'll see how that plays out next year. Any who, HAPPY HOLIDAYZ to all our readers out there, we appreciate you.

Much LOVE,


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

J-Live Banger!

*One of my favorite songs from this dude it gets me through those days when I feel like I am the only sane person in the midst of my life's madness... courtsey of Huang!

Things that make Saudi smile....

*Yo Gabba Gabba...yes the new craze amongst infants and children has taken my mind over. I was introduced to this show by Jah's niece....they make me laugh I feel as if im on another planet. They have got nothing on Hip Hop Harry though....

*And good ole Crank Yankers ohh the memories and joy this show use to bring me. I am a simple being I tell you I just want to laugh... One more day until JLS hits Jamaica!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


*I always thought this song was fun and groovy. It reminds me of being a kid and being very imaginative like me being one of my favorite animals a giraffe or unicorn (yes I believe in unicorns and love them dearly lol) Enjoy your Friday lovely beautiful people and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

C'mon Son!!!!

*While out at dinner in Brooklyn this past Saturday this is what we kept seeing flash across the TV screens as we enjoyed our loaded nachos and sangria. After seeing this rivalry brawl and to top it off hearing the responses of some Xavier players, we were embarrassed for them. Like these guys looked like a bunch of coons wrestling in a crowded arena while the crowd goes wild. We don't want to go to hard on them because we are sure they have caught enough heat for their actions. We just hope they understand that how they handled the situation was most definitely out of line. What had us most in awe was these two young men from Xavier's responses Tu Holloway " We have a bunch of gangsters in the locker room" "I was hearing on twitter or whatever one of those guys called me out".....Really dude? You brought twitter beef a social network beef on the court? You can't be serious or be about your money. The sad part is the media ate it up and he later regretted his statements(of course).
Mark Lyons defense was " where we from if somebody puts their hands in your face or try to do something to you where we from you gunna do something back" While we do understand this technically Xavier started the ruckus first. That is neither here nor there the point is that I (Saudi) was saddened by this because for the first time some of the world is hearing of some of these black young men and it is not in a positive way (as if African-American Men don't already have enough negative portrayals in the media this takes the cake).These young men have an opportunity that many people do not get and only dream of and what do they do......TAKE IT TO THE STREETS...Yancey Gates(#34) was literally squaring up and sparing on the court. Cincinnati's coach held a press conference several days later (this is probably what Xavier's coach should have done to withhold the ignorance that came out of his players mouth's)after the players had calmed down and really realized the severity of their actions. During the press conference the players seemed very unscripted which was good and very regretful and really understood how they made themselves look to the world. One thing that was said by Mark Lyons that I (Saudi) would agree with is that besides the players brawling each other up this is a home grown rivalry this is hyped by the fans and sports fanatics because if you noticed in the footage the crowd cheered heavily as the brawl broke out..they encouraged this behavior so you can not fault these young men entirely but still we say... (Jah quoting Mark Lyons "Where we from...." stop guys!! You sound so ignorant.. To all this we say C'MON SON!

Back in the day...

*Back in the day...well not too far back but in 2001 when this movie came out I was in the eighth grade. I was so pressed (excited) for my mom to take me to see this movie. What made things even better was that the soundtrack well only the most popular song had Bow Wow and Sammie on it! Yes, I was somewhat of a bamma (whack) in my middle school years but I thought I was so cool...smh ahhhh memories.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Bar Crawl/Asian Fusion/BK/Sachdev NYC WKND

*The City Susan Tarrant's Penthouse view.....*

*Lounging at Sunsan's Place....*

*We hold each other down....literally! *

*The ever so hospitable Sarah...she is a doll!*

*Alex and Sarah upgraded our lifestyle with this meal from Wild Ginger of Brooklyn.*

*This was about restaurant #2 or #3 we pretty much ate and drank the whole evening.*

What a fun filled weekend JLS had! We headed to NYC (Jah Friday Night and Saudi Saturday Morning due to final exams). The purpose of our trip was to meet up with our good friend Alexandria Luu (Jah's former roommate at U of H). Once we met with Ms. Luu and her lovely PNC Sarah we hit the ground running in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our 1st stop of course was thrifting, 2nd a fancy smancey wine bar,3rd was Wild Ginger an Asian Fusion Veggie place it was yum and 4th was another restaurant with more food and drinks and lastly was Brooklyn Bowl where we dance the night away with Margarita's in hand! Next up was an early start to our Sunday morning we caught up with Ms. Susan Tarrant and kicked it at her luxurious 33rd floor penthouse apartment and after a nice stroll through Central Park. Ended the day with life talks with the wonderful Sachdev's (Neha and Shauna) then a 9pm Megabus ride back to DC. The weekend was lovely!

*Special Thanks to Alex Luu we love you girl! We enjoyed seeing you! To the Sachdev's we are forever in debt to you all and all that you do for us! Thanks for letting us crash!!!*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12.2.2011 Blacklight Blowout RECALL

12two11 was super live!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who attended and shared this amazing experience with JLS. Please believe this is not the last of our blowout extravaganza!

Just a little recap of what went down..

We had live caricatures done by the creative Rajan!
We had drinks on deck!
We had no mess finger foods, variety cheese and veggie platters !
We had cute cupcakes along with cool hand gestures cookie cut outs !
We had a nice track list, if you weren’t listening !
We had an amazing group of friends who came out for the festivities!
Can’t forget about the glow sticks!

*if anyone have additional pictures from the party, please send to us

deuce deuce,


Happy Belated never hated! Shema Swag a.k.a Killa K

Activist. Pretty girl.

Valley Jamaican "Like totally mon". A valuable addition to JLS. JLS would like to wish our favorite Jamaican native Keshema Davidson a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! This is truly a remarkable young woman! From her developing project to boost the economy in Congo to her planning Amnesty International Conferences at the Gaylord, this young lady is on the rise to true success and humanitarianism. With her compassionate nature and selfless being, she truly is an amazing friend, teacher, and student. We are glad to have met you Shema..... now swag your day out!

With Love,