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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ain't no love in the heart of the city! (Philly to be exact!)

We took a picture of the time because our train was scheduled to leave at 12:30 and we arrived at the train station around this

Occupy Philly!

Tylisa our lovely hostess and old friend let us crash at her pad and her job!

the 99%.

Jammin at Union Transfer!


Minnie Mouse and the Belly Dancer! Tinky Winky was trying to give Minnie the business! So Jah was "Harriet Potter....Harry Potter's Sistah" lol very funny concept Tylisa made that face famous!

So Saudi was a 70's love child black nationalist type person lol (not really sure)
Accompanied by Mr. Malone for Sarah G's Halloween party!

*So the adventures began Saturday when Jah and Saudi caught the good old Mega to the Ptown. Only to be greeted by terrible weather such as freezing temperatures and snow! But you know that did not stop JLS from having an adventure! We made our way to Grey's Lounge where the Lovely Tylisa bar tends....since it was a Halloween weekend we saw all kinds of costumes which is always fun. Then it was back in the house we went so at least we thought! We were on about every corner in Philly trying to catch a cab and it just was not happening! Philly showed no love! Actually no one could get a took us about an hour and some change to actually get a cab and then when we finally got a cab they doubled the price on us (NOT COOL!) So Sunday rolls around and we chill lay lay around Temple's campus with Ty and revisit old memories we all had of attending school in Houston...ahhh great times. We headed to Buffalo Exchange just like old times and grabbed a couple of nifty thrifty finds! We had the pleasure of tasting Philly's finest cookies Insomnia Cookies (soooooo yummy). Then Sunday night was the big event the SBTRKT concert @ Union Transfer!!!! What an Epic show ! If you don't know look them up and if you have a chance to see them you definitely should. Also there was a beat maker guy person thingy ma bob ....Arab Musick I think it was called but he was pretty awesome as well.

After the concert we had to catch a cab to the Amtrak Station ...again no cabs would stop for us...with time running out we finally got a cab at 12:18AM and arrived at the station at 12:25 AM to catch a train that was supposed to leave at 12:30 AM. THANK THE GOOD LAWD the train was running late! We did make back to DC this mawnin!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artspace: Brookland Lofts Opening!

Cards from the wonderful hospitable artist we met!

Simply divine! Ginger spiced cupcakes garnished with wasabi seeds and cream cheese icing ......followed by Earl Grey cookies! Heaven! (WE KILLED THOSE CUPCAKES)and of course THE PEOPLE!

JLS was out and about last night in Brookland to view the artspace lofts! My oh my! These lofts are like heaven for an artist ...there is ample space and the studios are insanely big! There was so much positive energy and creating going on we were just simply amazed. We had an awesome time and met some really great artist! So S/O to Posh Pastries , Zero Burn Entertainment , Quest Skinner and last but definitely not least Rajan Sedalia . S/O to Sarah G. and her homeboy Darius it was great seeing your face in the place.

a little more about artspace lofts @ Brookland......

Dance Place and Artspace partnered to create a $13 million arts campus in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The project includes 41 affordable live/work units for artists and their families, along with gallery and studio space. Artspace also assisted Dance Place,Washington, D.C.'s most prolific presenter of modern dance, build a new performance and rehearsal space, an education center and administrative space.

For more info visit :


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cassius Feat Pharrel Williams - Eye water

*jam back in 05

Red Bull Emcee-DC Edition @The Fillmore

A REAL TRILL OG! We see you Bun! P.A.T.! R.I.P. Pimp C!

The first two Emcees to battle it out ICE the Villain and Adversary.

The dope ass judges....Joe Budden, Devin the Dude, and Big Krit!

Go DJ Alizay!

AND of course THE PEOPLE!

*So we all know Red Bull puts on awesome free events....They rented out the Fillmore in Silver Spring for their Emcee battle. Bun B was the host and the judges were well we already said who they were lol But it was a touch crowd and they put one hell of a dynamic on the freestyle battle. So each emcee was given a photograph of 5 random things and they had to incorporate that into their battle....*sighs* We could tell that really killed a lot of the battles. Big ups to all the emcees it was tough crowd but it takes guts to get on stage!

*Special thanks to Keshema and Tiara for VIP tickets!*


Monday, October 24, 2011


maddd tired (from the JOB) in the photo booth.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Saudi's Easy Walking Mix

I will walk any where......even 100ft in the air.... SEE TOLD YOU SO!

So I love to walk and I am a frequent walker of the Capitol Hill area. I walk on Capitol Hill mostly because my grandmother lives on what is now considered "North Capitol Hill"(the area formerly known as just the name change is courtesy of gentrification) and I work in Eastern Market so I walk home. During these walks I often space out thinking about life and where it will lead me to next. Yesterday as I walked pass the Capitol I just people see interns, policy makers, and a few senators as well. I thought to myself wow...these are the people who are helping create policies and laws for places I live and work. Then I began to wonder what type of people they are.....well they don't look like me....then I began to look at license plates and they mostly were from surrounding area's (Maryland and Virginia) or out of state even. Then I began to eavesdrop on convos I turned my headphones off but kept my earplugs in....the topics that people were discussing were nothing that I was remotely interested in.That's when things really sunk in!!! These policy makers and such most of them don't look like me, they do not come from where I come from nor do they even have the same interest that I have.... So how IN THE WORLD could they possibly know what I want? How can they make and implement laws for me? I mean I already knew this but when you actually see and think about this concept it gets very real. Gandhi said it best "you must be the change you wish to see in this world". What will you contribute to society? How will you impact policy? VOTE! GET INVOLVED! RUN FOR OFFICE EVEN! Don't talk about the problem unless you have a solution! I plan to do just that.

I say all that to say was my easy walking music that got me to this frame of mind and the tracks are as follows:

1. Playas Ballad-Big K.R.IT.

2.Where will you be?-Cunninlynguists

3. Kick Your Game-TLC

4. T.O.N.Y-Solange

5. I Was Here- Beyonce

6. Amanda- Aisha Duo

7. Sunshowers- MI.A.

8. Kiss- Prince

9. Shake This- Royce Da 5'9

10. Quiet Storm- Smokey Robinson

I believed they played in a similar order on my Ipod very random but these are all loved tracks by myself.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 15th BDAY SaKiKi!

Today is my eldest nieces birthday! Sakira is her name! She is currently a 9th grader at South County High honors student by day and cheerleader by night! I love this little woman to death and it is amazing to see how fast she is growing up! I love her and on behalf of JLS we are wishing you a Happy 15th Birthday Kira! You ain't grown yet though slim so be easy! lol


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

24th year happy moments

THANKS to EVERYONE who wished me a happy birthday, you hold a very special place in my life... you know who you are. Love you endlessly.

-shout out to Zuri Lu for the photo shoot ;)

Nice to meet you Ms. Thomas!

Last night we had a pleasure of meeting 360 Music group's artist Tiara Thomas. She is most noted for the chorus on Wale's "The Cloud". Tiara was truly a delight and if you have heard her on the acoustic she is a low key beast. We predict a bright future for her and with her pleasant personality she is sure to make it. She explained that she is doing her music thing by night traveling around the country but always in class by day in Indiana...YES SHE IS A COLLEGE STUDENT...whom by the way had to catch an early morning flight back to Indiana to make her 10AM class...Tiara girl we hope you made it! Best of Luck! you can follow her @Tiara_Thomas
*Sidenote- this was on Jah's first night at her new gig! Hehe.... they put her on Bday Intern...the girl is about to get that werk!*


Weekend Documentation......

Its IceCreamTastic!
PNC Beau Mr. Malone!
The lovely Couple... Mr. Charmbers and KK @Nana's place after San Antonio's.

Protesters Occupied DC mailto:Alright...@%20Freedom Plaza

A sight to behold.......

This sign was classic.....

We were in the photo booth at the GoGo ...we took it back to see Back....Literally!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

¡Feliz CumpleaƱos!....JAHLOVE.

Happy 24th EarthStrong to part founder/creator of JLS, sister AND friend Jahlove. What a beautiful person she is and to know this young woman is to love her! Today, we shall all celebrate her accomplishments and her beautiful life. Jahlove has a lot up her sleeve you better stay tuned....Party at Judy's house! WAHGWAN.

Jahlove Bday Festivities included:

-Dinner at San Antonio's in Brookland special guest appearances by the ODD couple Keshema and Bradley. 10/8

-The Scene (A gogo club our friend Willie B's dad owns. 10/8

-Marvin's Mondays! 10/10

-Dinner at Judy's Followed by Recess! 10/11

SWAG! lol