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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tofo Tofo aye aye Mozambique! (In my M.I.A. voice)

So basically you all know im a huge Beyonce fan (please don't hate). I decided to look up her two male dancers in her "Run the world (Girls)" video because I really wanted to know what country they were from. Soooo......(drum roll please) They are the Tofo Tofo dancers hailing from Mozambique. As you can see many of the dance moves in the video are taken from a South African dance style called Kwaito. See Beyonce putting you on to some international shit and you did'nt even know it ...ahhh the work of Bey!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You are appreciated! (Tupac voice)

Big shout out to Felt & Maybel for showing us love! We really appreciated the email and we like your blog as well! Peace, love and parties:)
check it out:

Felt & Maybel

Naija Boyz

These guys are extra funny this is one of their more serious videos but pay close attention at around 1:55...and at 2:05 lol

*Shout out to all our Naija homies in Houston!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend was chill for us....Kicked it off with a bit of Muzette Karaoke in Adams Morgan for Zuri's Bday. JLS did their rendition of "frontin".....priceless!!! Pics coming soon! This was what Saudi saw as she was at the cash register in Modell's @ Hechinger Mall. Match made in heaven? Our Alma maters WARRIORS GREENWAVES! (In our "05" DCPS cheerleader voices)

Alot of business deals get sealed on the golf course... Saudi is trying her hand for the future. (yea she golfs in her Dunks and 7's )

DC Carnival was live as always! Pictured above is my fav Jamaican to the right (my protege Keshema) and Trini lioness Avion to the left. As you can see they real Caribbean folk going ham with the mud which in this event they did not spare me for a second they used their last bit of mud rags to wipe me down ...lovvvved it!

*Side note* Our condolences go out to the families of the people who were hurt and killed due to senseless acts of violence on Georgia Ave. Saturday.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Its that time of year again...ITS CARNIVAL!!!

If you are new to DC this is something you have to experience....If you couldn't make it to Carnival in Trinidad or Brazil well this is the next best thing!Date and Times June 25, 2011 PARADE: 11 a.m.
FESTIVAL: 12-8 p.m.
DC Caribbean Carnival Parade Route: Along Georgia Ave, NW beginning at Georgia Ave and ending at Bryant Street. NW Washington DC. DC Caribbean Carnival Festival
Location: Howard Center Parking facility at Georgia Avenue and Bryant Street, NW Washington DC

You can catch us on Georgia Ave. bumpin to Destra! ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hippie Birthday Zuri "Preetygirlrock" Davis!

Youngest sister of the Davis clan turns twenty today! WOW time sure does fly. Remember this girl was shittin on em on the B-ball court, now she's big pimping spending cheese.. haha. You're maturing into a beautiful smart girl right before our eyes Zuri Luu. Wishing you a merry birthday and many many many more!. PEACE. LOVE. LOVE.


jls : )

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The many faces of Saudi....

Special thanks to my creative sidekick and bf ....yes I date a domain name lol but seriously check him out he is pretty dope!
In other news.."cause everytime you come around , you be hollerin that whoop de whoooop , blah ze blaaaah , he say/she say , oh my God shut the fuck up ! .. hoe" .... hehe Jah and James both agreed to like Mr. Kendrick Lamar now, his likeness in the past for the two was debatable.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Playas Get Chose": NYC Edition

-walk walk Saudi baby

-natural habitat



-hit them with the flex.


-cool people

-After hours pad..


JLS frequent NY often and we have yet to have a “playas get choose post”.. well here it is!

New York was splendid. We arrived late Friday night and were greeted with a warm welcome from the Sachdevs, NEHA & SHAUNA in their new chic, classy, and hip NYC bachelorette pad. Jls made plans to hit the town, but crashed instantly. That usually never happens but it be like that sometime. We got an early start the next morning. It was our usual walks through Union Square, Maoz Vegetarian Falafels, Urban Outfitters, rummaging through Victoria Secret, and Subway rides downtown. Night fall and JLS were out again, but this time in BK. We met up with GARY, ANDIA, and acquainted ourselves with other New Yorkers along the way. Soul of Brooklyn was defiantly popping. Good music, good people and feel good vibes all around. Can’t forgot to mention how terribly hot and humid the place was, the mirrors were literally sweating! We had to bounce after a few hours venturing off with Gary to a few bars and an “after hours” spot like no other hahah. We ended with an easy going Sunday afternoon with more walks but this time through Soho, French fries for brunch, finding BBC showroom, and a mean scavenger hunt for Jamba juice and Chipotle, nice way to end the weekend!

NYC we shall meet again…. VERY SOON!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stay Tuned to Jah's Journey!

Such a classic picture of us...Anywho Jah is about to partake in what we hope is one of the biggest journeys of her life and the start of something epic! I can not go into detail about what exactly it is but she will get you hip as time goes on. I just want to say that I am extremely proud of her and blessed that I have such an amazing friend. I was able to see her in a moment that was truly priceless yesterday which evoked a lot of happy emotions. When you work your ass off for something and it seems like your getting no where and then unexpectedly something remarkable manifest from all your work , that shit is beautiful straight up!!!!! That's basically what happened right before our eyes. All I can say is we are blessed and this is all of God's work. We blessed homie we breathin!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend

Merrymaking @ EJ pad
Pulled over by the freakin pigs!
Bourbon bar in Adams
Ihop in Columbia Heights

lil cuzzo graduation from my Alma Mater, Spingarn :)
Infamous JLS walks through Georgetown, oh and discovering Serendipity 3 on the way (NYC’s is way better)
H Street bar hopping

African Dance, Storytelling and improvisations @ Warehouse stage in Chinatown #fail
Ollietrollie’s big fish, yum!
Red Velvet cupcakes
Ending, watching Game 6. Underdogs win!

Past weekend was pretty eventful for jls..

* Jah



* Congrats Darius !

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jam of the Day Chris Cab on ya Friday

We dig Mr. Cab! The great Pharrell led him our way...good look!


Free. Press. Houston. Summer. Fest.

Jah was in the H yet again for the gathering of all the live entertainment taking place @ Summer Fest 11. Accompanied by Jessie, we witnessed some epic performances. Some we were familiar, others we scouted out, discovering new talent. Cut Copy, Chormeo, Yeasayers, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings all put on a great show. Besides Summer fest, the trip was filled with some memorable events. Merrymaking at Fatimahs, running into new and familiar faces, and just raging!

*Houston, you are my second home hehe.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dark Girls Documentary Preview

We strongly encourage you to take about 9 minutes aside to view this documentary. There have been many attempts to attack the issue of Dark skin vs. Light skin within the black community. Many of these attempts have been made through film some of which were done poorly in our opinion. This is the first documentary we have seen that is worth promoting (at about 2:31 shit gets real) we are not saying its the best but it is well done and the material is delivered in a way which all audiences can learn from the doc. Now this is considered a popular issue within the black community and by that we do not just mean African-Americans. Watch, listen, learn, and critique we would love to hear feedback.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Great People do great things....So you can always expect greatness from 6th born of the Davis clan. Benta Maya is her name! She is a woman of high integrity, passion, and drive. Who do you know that can move to Madrid for an entire year and not want to come home and get a job although they did not have a working visa? BENTA THATS WHO! lol All jokes aside JLS just wants to wish her a happy 22nd earthday and let her know they she is marvelous, intelligent , and so special to us. We miss you and can't wait till Jamrock!!!! WE LOVE YOU BENTO BOX!



The Alston twins are going back to Cali Congrats on the NEW GIG INDEE!