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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Playas Get Chose": Miami Edition

*downtown Miami

*parking lot pimping

*Kj & Mr Phil

Jls & the wonderful kj

Uh (in my Rick Ross voice)

*dj Eclipse & Saudi

*the beginning of our night



*soooo this is what happens when you see a stampede of people run for their lives. Kj fell in the midst of the madness. #southbeach : /


*wet willies

* Rick Ross was THE BOSS during the weekend. uh




*more photos on FB page

Jah running into Wale @ the airport
Budget car rental upgrade!
Endless drinks
Dj Khaled spotting
On set chillin of Ricky Rozay video shoot.
Night out @ Nocturnal w/ two awesome Jamaicans/Floridians.
Dj booth chillin with the hottest Dj Eclipse.
Chipotle, yum!
Spring Fest feat Lloyd pretty ass, Chris Breezy and Miss Kerry Baby.
Long walks.
little sleep.
South Beach/ Ocean Drive madness.
Bar hopping through Downtown Ft Lauderdale.
6am flight to DC #partyover

This was our MIAMI.

It was a BEAST, for lack of better words. JLS always go on trips expecting the unexpected and it always turns out way better than we planned (take that back, we don't plan we just do) To conclude, this trip was EPIC, and it’s really only the beginning.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nisha: I'm bored. Update your blog so I have something to read.
Saudi:Lmao do your disertation!

Saudi has yet to recieve a text

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's about to go down!

To the right is my cousin Muna and her bestie on the left. She lives in Toronto and is in Med school she is always on the move. Today she sent me a message requesting my presence as well as the bestie's during carabana...At first I declined because its so close to the time when JLS is due in Negril........An executive decision was made so TORONTO WATCH OUT JLS IS COMIN!

.........................0 and did we mention MIAMI this weekend?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Judgement Day wknd....SIKE A BOO BOO!

*Friday-Outreach in Benning Terrace Southeast...much love Saudi loves the kids. S/O to David.
Saturday- Jah and Qua hold it down for BTC in Bowie. Saudi's Cuz Whitney graduates from Morgan state..cookout at Ms. Ahjahs and Adams Morgan/Ust Night out.
*Saudi is a certified loctician now*....sort of ....Check the beau and the
Saudi's little cousins all 5 of them...Hassan, Anisa, Sumaya, Mariam, Nadira

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Neptunes Documentary

The Neptunes present "The 8th Planet" from Decon on Vimeo.

Awwww, I must have watched this about tree times now, playing it back and forth…haha. PharrellxChadxNeptunesxN.E.R.DxStar Trak is amazing, just pure genius. It’s funny, this is probably the first time I’ve seen Chad talk that much, like ever, he is so freakin cool man! So throwback, these dudes are the illest!

Peep songs from Fly or Dye @ the end, Drill Sergeant and Thrasher.

Minors who ROCK! lol

Big S/O to K. Davidson in LaLa Land doing the damn thing training the new Falling Whistle interns and to Stella Safari for finishing or about to finish another semester @Dartmouth the lil homie bout to head to the Congo and get to work! Congrats guys much love!


Golf Wang DC

Odd Future graced DC with their presence last nite at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Hst NE. We were unable to attend the show but we are sure it was epic....although we have not actually heard anything about it yet. Hopefully it went well and no mishaps like the Detroit really who throws glass bottles? Honestly, we are a little weary of going to the gang's concert won't catch us in anyones's most pit or getting our nose broken. Yes, thats's what happens when you fuck with Tyler and the gang.

*Hodgy Beats of OF pictured above jumping into a crowd at a show in London....INSANE.*

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend re-cap
-Shot out to all the graduates.
-Charity date auction was a success was very interesting to say the least and the highest costing date was.......DR. NISHA SACHDEV SOLD for $300 USD...modern day slavery? lol
-Reuniting the BTC crew always nice.
-Roamed Ust for at least two hrs and a bad fall to say the
-Sunday recovery mode and rest at the one and only Edgehood with special appearances by crazy lady!
*Saudi's first weekend back on the town! Dougied with her wayne head boot!*

Friday, May 13, 2011

BTC Charity Date Auction

It's been a while, but this weekend Breaking The Cycle will be hosting there very first Date Auction and fundrasing event!

Happy Hour Specials 8-11pm at Tabaq. Auctions, Dates, Drinks, and Surprises! Come join the fun and help raise money for a good cause!

BrigtestYoungthings link :

See you there!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meet Hawa!

I know your wondering who the adorable little girl is in this photo.....Her name is Hawa Abdullahi and she lives in Mogadishu, Somalia. Hawa ia about four years old and is the sixth child of seven. Most importantly ...SHE IS MY BABY COUSIN!!! Recently I have been in contact with my family in Somalia more than ever. Via email and telephone....ohhh the telephone I wake up at about 2am or 3am Eastern time and call Mogadishu where it's about 10 or 11am. The more I connect with my family the more I am faced with the fact that I may or may not ever see everyone in this lifetime for a number of reasons which is a hard pill to swallow.

So, I say all that to say this even if Hawa never leaves Somalia (hoping this will not be the case) at least the world has the chance to see her a beautiful, innocent strong and courageous little girl (from what I am told by the fam) who stares adversity in eye daily. If you think this little one is amazing I have six more stories just like this one actually 8 if you count my aunt in uncle.

*Count your blessings everyday, whatever you are going through could always be worse! Appreciate what you do have and don't dwell on what you don't!*


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Belated Minnie Saudi

It was Sadia's (Saudi's little sister) 19th birthday on May 6. If you know little Saudi you will know that this young lady is nothing less than amazing! She is a very strong individual overcoming so much on a constant basis and she does it all with a joyous spirit and a beautiful smile.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear summer,

please stop playing with us and come already!



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome home Benta....

not sure how to say that in Spanish but my sis Benta have been in Spain for almost a year, but she's back in the states!! Last weekend the Davis clan put on a Spanish inspired welcome home party for the jet setter; tacos (not a Spanish dish but you get the idea), music and a flat out good time! Unfortunately she'll be leaving soon to head back to Bowling Green for the summer, sucks because DC in the summer is a hit or miss! We will miss you Benta Bowl!

heheheheheehhehehedodododododo *Barbra Streisand ; )

Sweetlifee Festival recap...

*a real whistle blower for peace!


*you can't turn down a free newspaper!

Weather not so SWEET but the live performances did us well! Theo London was amazing as usual and Lupe killed it, performing hit songs “the show goes on” to “Shining down” to “Hip Hop Saved my life” (a fav of Keshema) We also made our way around to the tents where FREE goodies were being given away i.e. MOMS organic Market and Stonyfield Organic Yogurt; we were regulars hahaha

Thanks to the beautiful Keshema for allowing JLS to volunteer for Falling Whistles during the festival, we had a tent set up where the organization was able to get the word out about the War in the Congo, AWESOME campaign they got going!