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Friday, April 29, 2011

When following your dreams pays off...

I thought this was so appropriate for the times. In the midst of this week me having aspirations to follow my dreams and passion another close friend of mine has further inspired me. Ms. Gaati Werema is her name and basketball is her game. My #1 jit (Florida slang she taught me meaning like homie) was offered a contract to play overseas in China! Now im sure your like that happens all the time its hella ballas overseas. Funny thing is that is where you are wrong!!!!! Gaati is a bit more special than any other female baller I have known or followed. One reason being of course because she is one of my closest friends from college obviously and another is because the girl is a solider straight up dedicated to her passion and following her dreams.

During our sophomore year Gaati while balling her ass off tore her ACL which is a common yet sucky injury. Gaati was the star player of our schools phenomenal women's basketball team coached by WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper. Gaati was out the rest of the season then something happened.....Junior Year came. Our junior year Gaati came back hard playing just as she did before as if nothing happened leading the womens basketball team to another SWAC championship (she has like 3 ships under her belt).

Senior year comes and Gaati is back to kicking ass and taking names again (I mean the girl is a monster). After a little turbulence during the season come February of her Senior year she tears her meniscus on the same leg she tore her ACL about a year and a half prior. Now after these type of injuries most people would put their love to rest ....NOT GAATI! I have never seen some one so driven and hungry for the game like she is. Although her injuries did kind of derail some plans of the WNBA directly out of college she still made it to the tryouts a year later and currently receiving offers from various overseas teams. The moral of the story is never give up fight till your last breath if you have a dream! If you dream it, you can do it, only you can put limitations on what you can do because possibilities are truly endless.

Good luck over there my lil Hatian jit! Jah and I are so proud! Bring us back something cool!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful People

Chris Brown Feat. Benny Benassi- Beautiful People from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

This video has so much SWAG! hahaha I mean the mini cameos are epic, PHARRELL.... obviously. Not a huge Chris Breezy fan but this song has such a positive message, can't forget about that up-tempo electro house beat, insane!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So today I feel.... inspired. Inspired to follow whatever my heart desires. Yesterday was painfully average thus today I was illuminated with optimism. Recently more and more I have been on a downward spiral to not giving a hoot about my job in the worst way. I wake up go to work then I feel overcome with disgust for my work which now I realize has an effect on my productivity.
But was different. I mean i still am over my job but I realized that me not liking my job is not going to find me a new job. All the negative energy I use to dislike this "job" I can use to find a new job or a better situation for myself. I mean don't get me wrong I have known this for some time and have acted partially but to change my situation I must change my attitude and outlook. I just get overwhelmed in a negative way when I think about all the bullshit and protocol that goes on in the "real world" or the "working world I should say". A 9-5 is a joy sucker. My visits to facebook is proof that I am not the only one. Many of my peers also recent graduates status's on the book read things like" at work fml" or "is it 5 yet this job blows".
What this says to me that myself and many of my peers are either in transition to the next big move or stuck being content with their paychecks. I say all that to say often times we do not follow our dreams because we are afraid...afraid of failing, afraid of rejection and fearful of the unknown. The only person holding you back from your dreams is...YOU.
I have such a great support system that encourages me to try and do what I love. My good friend (protege is an understatement cuz shawty doing the damn thing bigger than I ever done it) Keshema Davidson told me I can follow my passion all I had to do is plan for it, figure out how I am going to get that dream job of ultimate public service . Big ups to her and her BFF Stella Safari (Article of the immaculate duo coming soon) they are doing some amazing work Congo 2012! :) I support all of their movements. These two inspire me they figure out what it is they want and they go for it w/o excuses.
Both of these young ladies have overcome many odds but they are standing very tall and at the top of both of their games at just nineteen. When I see these two I ask myself why are you settling? It motivates me to work harder, to remember that my job is just that ....a job..not a career, not my life just something to hold me over until I start my next chapter. But while at this job do your best ...I guess...I will try and help with a solution instead of continuously talking about the problem
Shout out to my support system you guys are awesome big ups to Deepak Chopra lol
Im rambling and Im out (p.s. I write as I please so don't get annoyed at the overwhelming amount of grammatical errors)

Vashmoney Bday Bash!

Wish we could be there!

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Friday, April 22, 2011


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweet lineup...

it's the closest thing we got to Bonnaroo, Coachella or those other large Music festivals, were gonna make the best out of it... believe that!
Its me Saudi somewhat out of commission. I have a boot on my foot due to a minor surgery I had so been in the house all week long half way drugged up but in my spare time this is what i with my macbook, read a little and hope I get into GW for my mph. Just thought I would share that.

Don't just dream it....DO IT! *totally random*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


*we were just fanatics, jamming along with N.E.R.D

* not until body guard (guy with BBC shirt on) physically pulled us both on stage. Why us out of all the people you see? mmmm

*picture with Shae, Pharrell was swamped by the ladies..

At a lost for words to explain how amazing this day was for JLS. We had no intentions of being pulled on stage to rage with the N.E.R.D crew., it just sort of happened that way. This is definitely one of our most cherished memories together, one that we will never forget. I will always and forever appreciate having the greatest partner in crime, right hand mayne, best-est bud on the planet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thursday night....

the New World Culture Tour made it's way through DC. It featured Cali artists JDavey and Blu, with with other interesting opening performances . When JLS arrived the line was nearly wrapped around the block, really?!?!!.. Yes. Most were there to see the interesting, cool, mellow sounds from JDavey, others were mere hip hop fanatics of Blu (like myself). Unfortunately Blu's performance was not great, the sound was way off, maybe due to the over the top bass; even JDavey noticed; I was still jamming regardless, Jah is still a fan.

Furthermore, JDavey put on an excellent show, the crowd was definitely feeling their vibes. i.e. Mike H. : )


*JDavey opening

*"you're still my boy blu"!

*photo with one of the opening acts Reese, nice fella @ iAM_REESE

*the cool mike

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Go ahead live with abandon, be outrageous! What are you saving your best self for?" I absolutely love this picture. It will always remind me of what great people we meet and how great of a time we have when we get together! Live life to the fullest that's the only way you can make it count (from left to right: Jessica, Jahlove, Andia, Saudi and MelBells) *March 26, 2011 @ U of H -The Den-*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 38th Bornday to our beloved...... PHARRELL!

It was on April 5, 1973 a phenomenon was born. With his amazing ear for sounds and combining them into beats Pharrell and his partners Chad and Shae have kept us grooving with countless tunes. He has com a long way since Teddy Riley! lol For Saudi it was late back in 2001 when her cousin handed her a mixtape with some of Mr. Williams work on it then followed by In search of... Saudi was completely sold. First, she will admit it was solely infatuation with Pharrell's boyish good looks so you can say she started off as a some what creeper fan but it evolved into something much greater. Saudi lucked up and crept on one hell of an artist later realizing that she was part of the fan base of one of the industry's most talented producer and songwriter! For Jah it may have started around the same time 2001 she was introduced to Pharrell's music by her older sister Nelajah....and the rest has been history she has followed N.E.R.D and Pharrell's work ever since. In 2008 while in Austin, Texas the unthinkable happened to JLS..... We were pulled on stage by Pharrell's personal bodyguard. We were able to dance sing and party with N.E.R.D. It is a day we shall never forget. So we say all that to say this ...HAPPY EARTHDAY PHARRELL !!!!

With much love,

JahLove and Saudi (JLS)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Worn Mag Recap

the man of the hour. Mr RAmon Free goodies Some of the cool folks in the building Some how Saudi snagged her scarf with this gentleman's jacket button photo afterward : ) THIS very gorgeous lady! and her vibes were oh so eclectic!; more pics from her BLOG! Now the DJ.. boy was he jamming the old school hits! But no one was dancing : ? of course we got the party started, along with these lovely ladies pictured above all in all JLS first Fashion Partay was a GREAT Success (in my Borat voice)
My beloved Beyonce (Saudi) is working with.......... FRANK OCEAN!!!!!


Weekend Re-Cap

-We got the party started at the Museum of the Americas for Worn...Dancing of course!

-Frankie Beverley and Maze @ DAR lol

-Clydes cool down w/o our beloved brownie sundae :( Lent please be over soon.

Pics soon to come!

Friday, April 1, 2011