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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year

2010 has been a very successful year for JLS. We’re glad to have shared some of our most cherished memories with you. We will continue to dedicate time and effort into Jahlovesaudi in the New Year and hope to bring you epic events that happen between us both. JLS appreciates your support and looks forward to everything 2011 has to offer.

*New Years Eve Plans for JLS

Jah: Chillin with the Davis’s
Saudi: Chillin with Life Mentor and Good Friend, Ms Forster and Keshema :)

Happy New Year!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cali Holiday o Holiday (In my Vampire Weekend Voice)

International Relations Rant !

For the love of the Coast...
1)So if you ever see Laurent Koudou Gbagbo on the street point him out (not like you really would but hey you never know). Don't know who he is? Well let me tell you (mind you I'm no political columnist so I will put this in Saudi Sa'id lingo) Gbagbo is a big fat meany who use to be the president of the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire ) until he was defeated by Alassane Outtara in the November 2010 election. Although Alassane won Gbagdo refuses to step down calling the election fraud, a shame and a muck. But Alassane won by over 50% so im concluding that Gbagdo is a big fat loser but the way in which he is taking his loss is utterly ridiculous. Former president Gbagdo is causing chaos ,political unrest and bloodshed throughout the country his main supporters are Christians of the south and unsupported by most Muslims from the north....the all to familiarity of separations and ethnic tensions the world has experienced just like with Rwanda with the Hutu and Tutsi's and Darfur with the ethnic clashes. I say all that to say this is a bamma( DC slag for classless tasteless individual) for what he is doing and it needs to stop he is just aiding in the demise of Africa just thought you all should know although I'm sure you already do!!!

One time for Toussaint Louverture's people
2) God Bless Haiti! I really feel for this country that has hardship after hardship and to top their already rough year off the cholera outbreak further devastated the country and even spread to bordering cities in the Dominican Republic. One thing that I struggle with is that no one finds it rather alarming that more than likely the main cause of the outbreak was from the UN volunteers/Troops..... Maybe it's just me.

Two times for my REAL homeland
3) My motherland the eastern part of it to be specific. The beautiful war torn(oxymoron) country of Somalia (My father's homeland). Ok so the pirates are still doing their whole piracy thing , the Islamic Extremist are still keeping Mogadishu under their ridiculous version of Islamic Rule and men, women and children are still dying everyday and the stupidest situation of all The Somali islamist are really trying to hype their beef with Ethiopia...its crazy don't they know they are brothers and sisters and use to be virtually thing same country. I just really want to know when will it in? The saddest thing is with all the violence and unrest going on it shows no signs of slowing down and the country is on a downward spiral to nothingness...its a really sad situation that gets left alone way too often but a reality that I am constantly reminded of because of my family. With that said trying to get my family out of Somalia has been a headache for my father and now it is trickling down to me and really getting me fed up with U.S. immigration. Hopefully one day the country will be sovereign and peaceful but the future of the horn of Africa looks very grim.

Chillllll the Saudi's got this...
4) The Saudi government reconstructed the tall clock tower that is in Mecca and it is beautiful! But everyone is does not think so the Saudi government is facing extreme ridicule for the reconstruction, modernization and beautification of the scared city of Mecca where Hajj takes place.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She got a gun but could have been a model or physician...

I guess it's only right to represent my hood and what Im going to do through pictures movies and this blog and I won't stop.Some get high mixing coke and gun powder, sniffin’.She got a gun but could have been a model or physician.So what you know bout the pirates terrorize the ocean.To never know a simple day without a big commotion.It can’t be healthy just to live with a such steep emotion and when I try and sleep, I see coffins closin.

PLEASE!!!! Soomaaliyeey Toosoow!

Jam of the Day! Happy Hump Day!

Jah got me hip to this a few years back.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GQ-Rebel Style (click here to see more pix)

Look who made it to the December issue of GQ...congrats Mr. London Jah had a pleasure meeting you.

Theophilus London - ACCEPT THE NEW from Theophilus London on Vimeo.

It's the simplest things in life that tickles my fancy.
12/24/10 rental car broke down in the middle of no where a.k.a Desert Center, California and yet I had a blast for 5 hours until a tow truck came in the middle of no where ...count ya blessings.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Currently Jamming..

Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

*Courtesy of Benta Maya, live from France!

Hope Everyone Had a Happy Christmas!



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jah Style Secret

If you know me, then you know how creative and cool I am when it comes to my taste in clothes (not bragging, just saying lol ) . I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, just someone who is fascinated with amazing style. I honestly don’t know how to describe my style. I’m sure Saudi could tell you, but I just wear what’s comfortable for me, but spice it up. If I had to put some labels on my style It would be simple, chic, casual, street, and urban. … You be the judge :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Im going going back back to Cali Cali! Headed to the West Coast for the holidays with my infamous Green Eyed Monster turned beau! Will conduct JLS business btw be proud of Jah and I. We had a very prouductive meeting about our futures!


I know im a little late but...

Kanye's album is fire! At least I think what Im listening to is the album I'm not really that hip with the music scene Jah is though lol! I didn't feel like indulging in over sensationalized music just to get my hopes up from the hype and be let down terribly....but boy its worth the hype!!! So my favs...

1) Blame Game- ft. John Legend. (Chris rock is ridiculous)
2)Devil in a new dress- ft. Rick Ross (Just because it reminds me of Nisha's baby pictures from the slide show)
3)So appalled- ft. Jay Z, Pusha T (JLS still believes the Clipse are one of the most underrated rap duo's give them props) and some other ppl
4)Gorgeous- ft. Kid Cudi illest bars
I was looking at my resume feeling real fresh today
they rewrite history I don’t believe in yesterday
and what’s a black beetle anyway, a f-cking roach
I guess thats why they got me sitting in f-cking coach

5) All of the Lights-ft. every effin body

Only Kanye could get the type of calabo's on his album from Elton John to Charlie last name Wilson to CUDI I mean its sick not to mention Raekwon you got to respect the Wu! Job well done Ye! Now if you could just behave! lol


Monday, December 20, 2010

An ode to a graduate....

Look at my shining star isnt she gorgeous!!!!...

Of course she beat me to the punch blogging about her wonderful graduation day. MY TURN! This young lady has continued to persever through the storm. During the duration of Jah's college career she has went through a number of changes but she never let it detear her away from her degree. She is trully a testimony of strength courage and grace. I love this young woman dearly and I was so proud to see her walk across that stage. It was truly a beautiful day. Love you Jah congrats again..... See ya tonite at busboys! ;)

Love always,

Sunday, December 19, 2010


University of Houston Alumni! Whooo

Thank You ALL for the Congratulations, I am so glad to be done with my undergrad career now on to bigger and brighter things... Special thanks to my AMAZING FAMILY, NISHA SACHDEV, and of course my partner in crime/ BEST FRIEND SAUDI for all your love and support. It’s been a long journey for me, four schools in five years; Xavier, UDC, Texas Southern, and lastly University of Houston! Hahaha DONE! : )

PS: To all my HOUSTON friends... I love and will miss you all, thanks for all the rides lol, if you ever make your way to D.C, HIT ME UP!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010