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Friday, October 29, 2010


*thank god I'm fresh.... lol! haha just kiddding.. you know what it is. .. ; )

have a great weekend peeps.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Past two days have been on a downward spiral to frustration... hope 2mrow is better than the past day....


Love hearing this song.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I feel like....

I feel like slapping a hoe today with the meanest back hand and I have a few in mind.......but my reality is thinking of Deepak and excepting things as they are ....phew......I told myself I would not use social networks for purposes like this but today I say fuck it im all for my self expression.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Library Life + Hard Work = December 17th 2010

If you don't know ...NOW YOU KNOW

We don't really know our following outside of our subscribed followers and friends but we do know they are out there so it came to me last night to give you all a little history lesson and tell you about ourselves and our purpose (I will try and make it a long story short)

How we met: Jah and I met in 2003 in a college prep program called Upward Bound at The George Washington University. She was too cool for school at first at least that's what I thought and from then on I became the pesky little sister to her and all her siblings but none the less they love lil ol me. We have the same mentor who inspired us to not only help ourselves but the community around us as well as the world ....literally. We all started our non-profit together BTC (Breaking the Cycle) which aids inner city youth with the tedious college process and other life woes that comes along with living in an urban environment.

College Years: We both traveled to Houston, Texas together in the fall of 2006 to attend school (different colleges) and it was through the diverse experiences of college molded with some homegrown memories that got us going. We both always had a passion for helping people especially the lil ones (we live for inner city youth). Jah always had a passion for fashion and I myself a peaceaholic political activist we always thought if we combined those two with helping youth we would be unstoppable.

The Name: JahLoveSaudi is what we call ourselves together as a whole. It just kind of manifested into its own there was no real planning or trying to figure out a name its simply Jahnin's nickname and my nickname put together JAHLOVE +SAUDI= JahloveSaudi...Some may call it corny or egotistical but we tell them motherfuckers get bent or pause for the cause.

What we have done: We love going to art festivals, supporting non-profits, supporting up and coming artist. We speak things into existence opening our thoughts dreams and aspirations into the universe thus we met some of our favorite artist i.e. Pharrell, K'naan, Q-Tip. We both have travelled the world respectively to start putting our core values of our friendship into action simply service before self. We both have traveled to Ghana to volunteer and do a country study. When one can't the other can so there is never an excuse for us not to lend a helping hand.

What we set out to do: We hope to get as many youth disadvantaged or not excited about life and being an individual through:
-practices of peace, meditation and self reflection.
-all art forms.
-furthering their education.
-embracing self expression and loving thy self.
Also a big part of what we do for self esteem and confidence boosters with each other is letting each other know that we are (it.) a phrase we use to describe ourselves often when we feel good about something we have done. it. Stands for Integral and Talented because that's what we are. We are an integral part of our community and the world as well as talented no matter if its a visual skill or a sentiment that you are able to help people embrace such as happiness. We want today's youth to know that they are (it.)

Whats next for us: We just want to keep supporting the arts and inspiring youth to rise above and beyond the standards giving to them. Maybe Morocco and/or Taiwan in 2011. You will just have to stay tuned to find out....

Monday, October 25, 2010

The realest shit he ever wrote....

Deep. I stand behind the Bishop FREE AUNG SAN SUU KYI!!!!

God Bless Haiti and Somalia.

For JahloveSaudi loves the world.....

Take me there...

This picture just reeks of all around good times...I don't know where it was taken or who it is but it warms my heart and takes me to some place outside of this country...By the way clubbing in DC is soooo overrated not a fan glad I have my great friend Jah with the same likes and interest as me or else there would not be any JLS adventures....Yea seeing the way others interact reminds me of how grateful I am to have such a genuine circle of friends always great. Jahlove had a DJ filled sandwhich eating weekend so jealous!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's been a long week hope to have a great weekend i'll leave you with this....."All you can ever do is be the best version of YOU"

~Peace and JahloveSaudi~

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cases of Nostalgia....

Funny both Jah and I had very similar cases of nostalgia.....JAMROCK AND NEW YAWK a flash back to Massive JLS 09

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank God it's FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Enjoy meditate and dance alllll nite long!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rules of Engagement

So Rule number 1# "Om Namah Shivaya" ( I bow to the inner self) No one can look out for you like you. a CLEAR MIND SPIRIT AND BODY = A PEACEFUL MIND SPIRIT AND BODY.
2. You were put on this planet to help it but don't get so caught up in trying to be a single element of change and evolving the world and you forget to evolve as an individual. You were put on this earth to grow and evolve as a person not to make evolution in the world that will come on its own. You have to be a little selfish if you wan to be selfless.
3. Everything is not as it seems be weary but mindful observant and keen on details.
4. People like to put you in a trick bag don't let it happen don't let their story become yours listen and go on about your present to outlay your future.
5. The past is a bitch we all know this but leave that shit there and try not to go back and bring it back it was what it was accept it leave it at that!!!...Alyssa and Ebone told me that long ago but I did not listen until now..
6. A setback is a setup for a comeback so if the vision of your goal lacked details and was a disappointment be aware something greater is supposed to happen and your vision is not concrete don't let obstacles consume you focus on your present to make a better future.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The end of my work day consits of "Dynamo of Volition" on repeat and reciting quotes from Deepak Chopra all the while trying to figure out how to execute my master plan happiness...."


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


J-DAY was 10/11/10 now I know im late but its because we were out having too much fun for her earthday and partying our asses off! Literally! So first was let there be flight and Lady Jah Jah blessed us with her presence then there was a weekend full of festivities.

10/7/10- Lady Jah Jah arives in the Metropolitan area at 10:30pm and actually ran into Talib Kweli at the airport in Houston....guess it was a sign of great things to come for the weekend.

10/8/10- we were a tab weak and slept lol

10/9/10- supported black stage play writer John Johnson worked and watched his play "Deez Nuts" been following him since 2006 a very talented black man who always has our support.

Following the play we had a light dinner at Edgehood if you don't know then you better ask......Crazy Lady . After dinner and things we got foolish in Adams Morgan can not quite remember all the details just know we went from Sutra to Bukom back to Sutra alot of laughs in between with the birthday girl. Family and friends a recipe for success.

10/10/10- The day was beautiful we hung out in Dupont got Chopt while we chopped it up walked around stop pass a couple of fav places where our friends from plazkis frequents Palace Fives, Stussy and Commonwealth hung out on the corner of 14th and U while we sat on the smartbikes (they are every where now btw) kicked it and politic ed it with Qua then headed to the K'naan concert and bugged out. Following the concert we caught the bar at Alero and got some margaritas!!!!!Yep! Not as good as Rucci's though yall Htown ppl know what im talking bout. Then walked home and on the way home got to meet K'naan lol only us right ended up talking to the guy for a good 5 mins took pics gave hugs and he was like the coolest guy you would ever meet so was Rayzak his back up vocalist ....truly great people. If you don't listen to him you should !!! He is doing great things WITH HIS MUSIC AND FOR HIS COUNTRY!

10/11/10- Her actual born day.....racked up on fruits and veggies at the Glut zone and hung out with Lady Jah Jah's maker Judy and went thrifting! Then dinner at Judy's followed some of the gang was there nice way to end the weekend with family and friends the people who matter most.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAH YOU ARE LOVED we have so much more to accomplish cheers to another year!