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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I mean seriously how can you not love this lady she is: Classy, an intellectual, hard working, accomplished as an individual as well as a couple with her husband, strong, in shape, and refused to succumb to the social norm and did the damn thing !!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The mystery of iniquity...

So of course Lauryn Hill's unplugged album is hands down one of my fav of all time !!!!! Its so real raw and what is needed sometimes in life...a reality check listening to the lyrics this morning I felt like a couple of lines tied into a past post about society loosing its way and it goes a lil something like this .........

Materially corrupt

Spiritually a muck

Oblivious to the cause

Prosperously bankrupt

Blind leading the blind

Guilty never defined

Filthy as swine

A generation pure in it's own mind.... some of the realest shit she ever wrote

Monday, September 27, 2010

Totally stole this from one of our fav bloggers but had to post it ...Saudi had the opprotunity to see him live in Houston this past April....funny guy.

Is it us or...

Is it us or is society getting more and more desensitized and out of control...the most unruly things are modern day social norms....We refuse to accept somethings as "normal"...Just is not in our genetic make up.

Friday, September 24, 2010

FrEe WrItE...drEaM wOrLd

Its the excavation of my thoughts of limitations unto myself. The manifestation of negative feelings linger as the stench of a skunks order in result of its defense mechanism. I do not remember how I got here but I know where I don't want to go. My mind wonders in a dreamy place with an abundance of moments filled with serendipity because my dream world is never ending sort of how the universe is. So what if I have an effervescent nature that is the way my creator made me but if you cater to your own self indulgence and spit your reticule you aid in dream crushing for a sensitive being which is fine if you don't mind dealing with the ramifications of your self indulged actions. Instant gratification is slowly becoming my thing its a poison. I believe I am lost and afraid to find my way so I stay content where I have made it to thus far..This is not suppose to make any sense just wanted to take some time and condense thoughts that have been plaguing my mind and been very evocative so I had to....

Bellezze Nere

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And Saudi said let there be flight!

I am sending for her for her born day ...o the mischief we shall get into and the plans that are made for such a spectacular individual that is Jah Love and that gives Jah's love! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I miss us...

I miss us, what we stand for and the amazing things we do when we are together. Although we are apart Im sure she still keeps the scents of my farts...jk we can always feel each others hearts...ok this is getting WHAT IM TRYNA SAY IS MAN I MISS MY DAWG AND WHEN WE USE TO ROAM THESE DC STREETS!

Question Existing...

Are you living or are you just existing?....A very popular question many may ask themselves when one maybe feels to complacent in life and everyday seems like the last very routine. Wake up work class study sleep and do the same thing....Often times I think people forget that we can't just exist we have to live and feel life embrace it do something different everyday it does not have to be extreme . My firm belief is that everyone contributes to society in some art form even if they don't know it. So everyone is a unconscious artist lol sounds cr8zz but I think its true. I think i asked myself this question this morning and every time I think my life is getting boring because of my very routine workweek and moreover riding the metro with fellow 9-5ers makes me seem so blah and ordinary when I know I am mos def extraordinary.....So each time this sentiment arises I do something usually hit the newspaper looking up different events or look up classes so I can do something that makes me feel alive and invigorated. The first time I got fed up with my routine weekly life I went out of town on a random regular weekend 2nd time I enrolled in a Dance class which i absolutely love and get exhausted from...I say all that to say this... DON'T GET COMFORTABLE WITH EXISTING....... LIVE !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life of a dancer...

our favorite saying is coming to life " life of a dancer" ...catch us @danceplace!

August 19, 2003 ...Neptunes Presents the Clones

AHHHH this takes me back in time the end of summer 2003 this album came out that was a fairly good summer Jah and I both just finished Upward Bound maybe two weeks earlier in New Orleans (where Jah later moved and studied Communications at Xavier in 2005) but this was a great time in life. Life was simple and laid back no social networking interconnectednessism just simple as life could possibly be in the 21st century. This remember when I saw this album and thought Pharrell looked soooooo amazing honestly I only had three fav tracks which were "Frontin" which in my opinion out shined the whole album it was a summer jam then it had "Light Ya Ass on Fire" this video was funny and it was a cool tune to bump then last was Kelis and Nas "Popular Thug" man R.I.P to their relationship I really liked them together....I say all that to say this ....This was a great point in life Jah and I were 15...boy how time flies...I just wanted to go on a random non coherent rant and also we will use any excuse to put a pic of our beloved Pharrell on our blog...This album work is fire even Chad looks yummy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Been so long since we been on (in our Mystikal "Danger" chorus voices

We are just doing life trying to survive. Not much is going on at least not that we can say. Keeping our heads up staying with our positive attitudes and continuously being there for one another. This photo is called We try and do things normally but our vibrant personalities always prevail!