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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fallen Whistles Rooftop Event 7/28

Told you guys we would be back on it we attended the Fallen Whistles rooftop social it was fantastic. Great people for a great cause. Fallen whistles is a non profit started to help child Congolese soilders you can buy a whistle and 100% of the proceeds go towards rehabilitating those child soldiers in the Congo....Awesome rite? I suggest you buy the whistle its cool and it really loud yet fashionable and is an attention grabber. Go to to learn more!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Akwaaba & Namaste=Let us let you know....

First and foremost on behalf of JLS we would like to say hello and its been too long. We apologize both of for our disappearing acts but we have a world to change here people you have to understand. While this summer has been filled with jet setting fun for us we have not forgotten about our beloved JLS Blog. While Jah traveled to the motherland Saudi traveled to the land of Gandhi and boy did we spread that good ol JLS cheer. In both of our travels even though in two separate continents at different times we both learned similar life lessons in our beloved developing countries of travel which were: 1.We take so much for granted here in the West we focus too much on what we do not have and do not realize how much we do have and things can be much worse Like Kanye said we worried about the wrong things 2. We are extremely wasteful lets rinse reuse recycle or something people because we both been to the gutter and back and they are resourceful and we can learn a thing or two. 3. Stop stressing about the smallest things ie. getting the next iPhone, not being able to shop here or there be happy you can have a phone and go shopping in an air conditioned mall! JAH and I both got our gifts from overwhelming open air markets in the blistering heat! 4. HELP THE CHILDREN not just domestically but internationally just as we did! 5. African Americans must travel more! Please my people I'm tired of seeing everybody but us in these orphanages and feeding the children and what not lets show the world what we can do as a community. 6.When in doubt just smile it always works!7. Just soak in the experience and remember that paying it forward does not stop with your volunteer travels to help in another country your community needs help too! 8. Just try it! When abroad so many new opportunities come your way as long as its not life threatening try it you never know when the chance will come again.9. Take in everything! 10. Have a goal to impact wherever you visit in a positive way that stays and people remember long after you are no longer there. ok think I'm just rambling now but Jah surprised me for my born day and now we are together at last so in the coming weeks we will do our best to keep you abreast with our events in the District, Philly and NYC. LET THE JLS GAMES BEGIN! 1st Stop: Fallen Whistles Rooftop Social :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

her born day....

celebration time ; )

Thursday, July 1, 2010